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  • Pirouette Choker360 ° View


    Inspired by a move that commonly means spinning on one foot while standing on the other one. That is shown in our design in the contrast between the two halves…

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  • Chassé Choker360 ° View


    Inspired by a gliding, flowing dance step of the feet following a (apart-together-apart) pattern. The chocker can be worn in 2 ways. Material: 18k gold plated brass. Size: one size.…

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  • Wing Ring360 ° View


    Inspired by a move in which both partners move together, then the lady walks in a half circle in front of the man. Size: adjustable to any ring size/one size.…

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  • Chufla Earrings360 ° View


    Inspired by a movement in which partners keep hands connected while rotating over 180 degrees in opposite directions . Material: 925 silver and 18k gold plated brass. Care instructions: to…

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  • Floss Interchangeable Earrings360 ° View


    Inspired by the popular dance in which a person repeatedly swings their arms, from the back & front, on each side! Earrings can be worn in 5 ways. Material: 925…

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  • Gancho Ring360 ° View


    Gancho simply means "Hook", so it is a Spanish term that describes the hooking dance moves. Size: adjustable to any ring size. Material: 925 silver and 18k gold plated parts.…

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  • Grapevine Earrings360 ° View


    A side step, then behind, then to the side, then all joined! Just like our design! Material: 925 silver, white mother of pearl, and 18k gold plated silver. Care instructions:…

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  • Rond Pearl Ear Cuff360 ° View


    Inspired by a toe movement that draws semi-circles on the floor. Material: freshwater pearls, 925 silver and 18k gold plated brass. Care instructions: to keep the jewelry pieces looking as…

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  • Petus Headpiece360 ° View


    Inspired by the Impetus dance move: a kind of turn from the leader's heel that brings the couple in various, rotating positions. The headpiece is secured to the ear and…

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